Celebrating The Caulfields 25th Anniversary of the release "Take the L" In the mid-90’s heyday of alternative rock radio, the Caulfields, a four-piece band from Newark, became the first Delaware band since George Thorogood to sign a major label record deal. Their 1995 debut album “Whirligig” on A&M Records sent the band across the country and around the globe, as their single “Devil’s Diary” (with its incendiary hook “I’m bigger than Jesus now”) became a top-40 modern rock hit. The band toured the US, Canada, and Australia, playing to crowds as large as 20,000. Caulfields songs landed on soundtracks for “Melrose Place” and “The Babysitters Club” and life was good.. until it wasn’t. Poised for mainstream success with the release of their follow-up album “L,” the band was blindsided when the label abruptly fired their A&R man, pulled their tour support, and sent the Caulfields on a path that would end their major label career by the end of 1997.

But there is life after a record contract! While the members of the band have gone on to continue their music careers (frontman John Faye just won three Hometown Heroes Homey Awards for his most recent solo single, and drummer Ritchie Rubini won for producer of the year), the Caulfields have reunited to return to their Delaware roots on Saturday, November 12th to play a special concert celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their second A&M album “L” (and the 25th anniversary of the band breaking up)!

“Take the L” Music Fest - presented by Gable Music Ventures - will feature the Caulfields in a super-charged 6-person lineup.. John Faye (Lead vocals / Guitar), Sam Musumeci (Bass), Ritchie Rubini (Drums), and Brett Talley (Lead Guitar) will be joined by Jill Knapp and Matt Casarino of Hot Breakfast to faithfully recreate the sounds of the band’s sonically ambitious swan song record. While not a “front-to-back” performance, the Caulfields will go deep into “L”s fifteen tracks, and also make room to play favorites from “Whirligig.”Show Less