Past Masters®: The Music & Music Of The Doors-Postponed

The Vault, 150 S White Horse Pike, Berlin Nj 08009

Back by popular demand is one of the most wild and chaotic shows PAST MASTERS® has to offer! Watch The Victor Company Players perform the music of The Doors. This band from California has perhaps one of the most unique sounds of all time which can really be considered it’s own genre in many ways; a truly American band. Characterized by a mysterious vibe steeped in darkness, Jim Morrison always allowed his tortured soul to show through and provided a visceral, cutting, and obscenely beautiful performance.

A live music & show production featuring stunning multimedia, stage effects, and a Broadway pedigree like no other, PAST MASTERS®: The Muse And Music Of The Doors will provide an immersive show experience and bring you right back to the iconic era when this music was created as the performers embody the essence of and the whirlwind that is The Doors. Its a guarantee that this show will leave you with a smile on your face and your jaw on the floor! ABOUT PAST MASTERS®: PAST MASTERS® is one of the world’s preeminent classic music organizations. Its aim is to preserve the integrity of the art & science of the golden era of recorded music as it was performed, recorded, and composed - while educating and illustrating its transformative power to the widest possible audience. Like the world’s foremost symphonic organizations, PAST MASTERS® was formed out of reverence for the golden era of recorded sound and aims to preserve this art-form for future generations by creating musical, educational, and immersive experiences for followers and connoisseurs of the world’s most beloved era of music. Through innovative live programming, robust educational/research initiatives, and commitment to the integrity and craft of the music community, PAST MASTERS® team of world renowned musicians, recording engineers, and music journalists are creating an expansive future for the golden era of music in an era that needs it more than ever ABOUT VICTOR ENTERTAINMENT: Victor Entertainment is the division of Victor Musical Industries tasked with the development and promotion of live stage productions, and administration of Victor's showcase venue, The Victor Vault, at Victor Bldg. 19. ABOUT NEMS® ENTERPRISES: NEMS® Enterprises is the talent acquisition and managerial arm of VMI. The NEMS® brand has a long history as a development and managerial arm of Brian Epstein and musical acts like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The BeeGees and more during the 1960s and 1970s. Acquired and revived by VMI in 2021, NEMS® acts in the same capacities as its legacy and is a wholly owned unit of VMI.